Appropriate Technology Form Japan (ATFJ) is working to build a platform to develop and spread Appropriate Technology through cross-sectoral cooperation among companies, universities and NGOs.

Appropriate Technology

The definition of “Appropriate Technology” varies but we define it as;
“Technologies that are appropriate to local socio-economic and cultural conditions, participatory and environmentally friendly.”

What We Do

Appropriate Technology Forum

We hold the “Appropriate Technology Forum” approximately four times a year, as a place of exchanging ideas and building a cross-sectoral network for Appropriate Technology.


We hold seminars inviting speakers who are practicing appropriate technology in the field, or who have deep knowledge of how technology and international development should be from now on.

Date collection on Appropriate Technology Cases

We collect and publish information on case studies of Appropriate Technology usage, and organisations that are practicing Appropriate Technology in and out of Japan.


We provide consulting services to those who wish to start a business using Appropriate Technology.



・ A Comprehensive Framework on Appropriate Technology Choice for Sustainable Development

・ A Proposal on Appropriate Technology Choice for Development of Decarbonized Societies

Contact Us

Inoue Building, 1-5-12 Negishi, Taitouku, Tokyo, 110-0003 Japan